Stacking the Oval Ballerina Round Diamond Mosaic


Stacking The Oval Ballerina Round Diamond Mosaic 

The Oval Ballerina Round Diamond Mosaic is one of our most popular rings for a reason. This beauty is the epitome of a vintage inspired, unique engagement ring. We're here to help you create the perfect timeless wedding stack around your ring.

 Stack 1: The Diamond Mosaic Confetti Band. These two were designed to stack together and are a truly timeless and breathtaking combination. These complimentary designs correspond in shape, pattern, and size for a seamless stack. 

 Stack 2: Looking for something a bit more simple but with a splash of art deco design? Look no further than our Floating Baguette and Round Diamond Ring. This gorgeous ring is the perfect mix of unique to accompany the distinctive Oval Ballerina Diamond Mosaic.

Stack 3: Our Carré and Round Milgrain Diamond Mosaic ring is another vintage beauty to perfectly pair. Stacking this ring under your Oval Ballerina Round Diamond Mosaic adds a bit more sparkle and vintage flair to your wedding stack.

 When it comes to stacking the Oval Ballerina Round Diamond Mosaic ring, it is truly very hard to go wrong, but these are a curated few of our top picks. If you are looking for more stacking inspiration head to our Instagram for more images and videos.

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