Our Warranty

We are proud to provide a warranty on all of our pieces, so you can feel good about your purchase and know that we will help you take care of your jewelry for life. We stand by the integrity and longevity of our jewelry.

We will repair your jewelry whenever it needs repairing for as long as you own it. All repair work is free within the first year of ownership. After the first year, we will charge a small labor fee and/or materials fee for your repair service, which only represents our cost. Average repair times are between 1 week and 3 weeks depending on the nature of your repair.

Our warranty does not include the replacement of lost center or feature stones that are valued over $300. We recommend you obtain insurance for your piece in the unlikely event of a center stone falling out or getting damaged.
Many of our pieces also feature one-of-a-kind stones, which are not reparable/replaceable.

Our warranty does not cover opals, pearls, or turquoise because of the unique & fragile qualities of these stones. We recommend specific care for these pieces because of the nature of these soft, porous materials. We recommend that you remove your pearl/turquoise/opal jewelry before you bathe, exercise, cook, clean, or use any chemicals or beauty products. Please see our care guide for more details. We will replace pearls/turquoise/opals for you at our cost.

Clients are responsible for shipping costs (to and from our studio) for repairs. You may purchase a prepaid insured label through us for $85 for jewelry valued under $5K, and $125 for jewelry valued over $5K by filling out the form on our repair request page, or you can purchase your own label. Please contact us before you send your jewelry back on your own, so we can be sure it arrives safely. We highly recommend that you insure your package—we are not responsible for items that get lost in the mail that we did not create a label for.

We typically cannot repair or resize jewelry if shipped outside of the US. If you are outside of the US you are responsible for import fees and customs charges in addition to shipping costs. Please check with your local customs office about any fees that may be associated with shipping us back your piece for repair, as well as its return to you.

Remember, fine jewelry is made from natural materials with their own properties. If you wear jewelry daily, especially on your hands which get a lot of action, wear and tear is normal. Our jewelry specialists will evaluate your piece upon receipt. If you need repairs that go beyond what’s needed for normal wear and tear, we’ll let you know about the labor costs and material fees associated with your service prior to performing any service. If pieces are noticeably bent, show improper care, or are damaged in any other manner, repairs may incur a greater cost.

We prefer if you send your piece to us for repairs, rather than getting repairs done locally, because we’re the most familiar with each design, and our jewelers are specially trained to work with our intricate pieces.

The warranty is void if you take your piece to another jeweler for resizing or repair work.

If your Berlinger piece needs repair, please fill out the form below. Our skilled repair specialist will assist you and stay in open communication with you about the work that’s needed and any associated costs. You will be responsible for shipping and insuring your ring

You can also find tips on jewelry care here.

The Repair Process

If you need a repair, please fill out the form below and submit your request. This form is also located in the footer of our website. Before you contact us, here are some important details on our repair process.

Once we receive the item in our showroom, our jewelry specialists will contact you to confirm receipt and provide notes on the current condition of the piece and any repair work that’s required. We’ll always contact you before doing any work on your piece, as well as let you know if there are any associated costs, which must be paid before we proceed with a repair.

If your piece needs a new stone, we can’t guarantee the replacement of limited-edition or one-of-a-kind stones. In the rare case that the exact stone isn’t available, we’ll follow up with you and get your approval on an alternative that matches.

Once approved by you, we’ll immediately get started. Clients are responsible for shipping to and from our showroom. Please contact us before you send your jewelry back, so we can be sure it arrives safely. You may purchase a prepaid insured shipping label through us, which you may request. Otherwise, clients are responsible for return shipping costs, and we highly recommend insuring your package or using FedEx/UPS, as we are not responsible for items that get lost in the mail.

We understand that things happen as we live our lives in these special pieces. Please see our care guide to learn how to best avoid repairs. And...not to worry, we want to take care of you for life. We stand by our jewelry, and will take care of you!

Ring Resizing

We are proud to offer free resizing for our rings. We can make our rings in any size, including 1/4 and 3/4 sizes. Please note, any rings made in the “eternity style” meaning diamonds or engraving goes all the way around the ring cannot be resized. In the event you need a different size for your eternity ring, there may be an additional charge associated, as in most cases, we may need to entirely re-make the ring. Our current timeline for resizing requests is 1-2 weeks from the time we receive your ring, depending on the difficulty of the resizing. Clients are responsible for shipping costs both ways, or you can purchase a label through us. We cannot resize international orders.