How to stack the Deco Emerald Moissanite & Pear Diamond Mosaic

1. 2mm Notched Deco Diamond Eternity Ring 

The Notched Deco Diamond Eternity Ring and Deco Emerald Moissanite & Pear Diamond Mosaic pairing is a match made in heaven. This is the perfect Art Deco inspired combination that we designed to go together. They stack seamlessly for a romantic and timeless pairing. 

2. Regular Confetti Diamond Mosaic

One of our favorite and most popular stacking rings is our signature Diamond Mosaic Confetti Band. When stacked, this combination brings out the beauty of the round brilliant and baguette cut diamonds that they both share. The Confetti Diamond Mosaic and Deco Emerald Moissanite & Pear Diamond is an easy yes. 

3. Emerald & Pear Diamond Mosaic

Emerald and Pear shapes marry perfectly when these two vintage inspired rings are stacked. This is the most romantic stack that pairs seamlessly. When these two rings are stacked we get lost in their dreamy pairing. 

4. Carré & Round Milgrain Diamond Mosaic Ring

Vintage inspired elegance and distinctive design is an understatement. Stacking the Carré & Round Milgrain with the breathtaking Deco Emerald Moissanite & Pear Diamond Mosaic is the epitome of intricate design and romantic sparkle. 

5. 2mm Deco Antique Star

To add a bit more intricate pizzaz and handcrafted design to your stack, the 2mm Deco Antique Star is an easy yes. Pairing these two will be the perfect ode to Art Deco design and excellence. 

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