Inline vs Raised - What does this mean?


Choosing between getting an Inline vs Raised band style can be difficult, especially when you don't fully understand what it means. It is actually quite simple, Inline means it does not sit flush with a wedding band while Raised accommodates a band underneath. Inline means that the bottom of the ring will fully sit on top of your finger and will not accommodate a band to stack underneath it. If you are looking to wear your Berlinger ring as a right hand ring or will be rocking it without a band, we recommend Inline. The photo below shows how the Inline ring fully sits with the top of the finger.

If you plan to wear a band with your Berlinger ring, especially if it is being worn as an engagement ring, we recommend you select Raised. Choosing the band style as Raised means there will be a small amount of height from the top of your finger and the bottom of the base of the mosaic. This small amount of space is barely noticeable and is made to stack perfectly with all of our bands. We suggest you pick Raised if you plan to stack your Berlinger ring with any bands on top or bottom. The photo below shows a very close up comparison of how high up the Raised version is. 

See this video for a comprehensive view. 

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