Gratitude for Change

Gratitude for Change

Now’s the time of year when your feeds are flooded with posts of Thanksgiving, so many gourds, and women wearing chunky-knit sweaters, their sleeves a little too long, holding big, steaming mugs of unknown hot liquid. While Berlinger is a brand meant to be disrupting the status quo, we like to feed into a little run-of-the-mill seasonal sentiment, especially when that sentiment is gratitude.

What we’re thankful for here at Berlinger Jewelry is change. It’s a big term, we know. But change is what makes Berlinger as a project possible. Changing trends in fashion and jewelry, change in the way we interact globally, change in the way we consume – it all makes this art form feel like a living, breathing entity. But the change we’re most grateful for at Berlinger is the current social revolution redefining gender and how we express it.

This isn’t the first time in history that men have worn jewelry, or skirts, or makeup, or any other trapping of modern femininity. But now is the first time in a long time that men and women alike are openly exploring the full scale of gender expression: a woman can let her leg hair grow and eschew makeup, a man can use foundation and wear a diamond engagement ring.

Of course, these acts are not always done without repercussion. Tolerance is hard-earned, especially when the thing we’re asking others to tolerate redefines an entrenched worldview. We know making engagement rings for men is a small contribution to the revolution at large. But we believe that just giving people the option to express themselves in whatever way they choose is a noble pursuit. So, this time of year, it’s important to say thank you to those pioneering men and women who are redefining society with seemingly small acts of rebellion. Because we promise you, the implications are large.

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