The rise of the Man-gagement Ring

The rise of the Man-gagement Ring

Jewelry time and time again is proving itself a symbol in our culture. Whether marked as "taken" by a wedding ring, or "stylish" by an alternative styled band, engagement rings have hold their own as symbols throughout time. 

Though this article came out last year, we think it points to interesting ideas about men wearing engagement rings, man-gagement rings promoting feminist ideals, and how engagement rings can be an emblem of progress in our time. 

"In the progressive times in which we live, the traditional idea of a woman wearing an engagement ring but a man not seems, to many, entirely backwards. "

“As a feminist I actually quite like the idea of mangagement rings, as otherwise it's like we are property of men with the ring ‘branding’ us, while they are free to skip around appearing unengaged,”

“But it’s not about us being feminists, or me ‘forcing’ him to have one - I think it’s just about him having a symbol of love and something to be proud of, and cherish forever.”

The legalization of same-sex marriage has also had an effect on the rise of mangagement rings - if two men or women get engaged, the traditional concept of a man proposing to a woman and her wearing an engagement ring goes out the window."

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